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25 Apr 2019

Sustainable Earth

The workshop was on “Propagation of emerging trends for sustainable earth” conducted by Parisara Club, REVA University. Three eminent speakers have given good knowledge and information on Propagation of emerging trends for sustainable earth.
The Programme was commenced with invocation song followed by welcoming the dignitaries by Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Vice Chancellor of Reva University.
Dr.Y.Ramalinga Reddy, Director, School of Civil Engineering, addressed the gathering, briefed the objective and importance of Technical workshops to upgrade the Knowledge and Skills. With a Brief Introduction of Speaker, the First technical talk was on “Ambient Air Pollution: Sources, Trends in Bangalore City - Local challenges and opportunities” by Dr.B.Nagappa, Scientific Officer, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Bangalore. It was an excellent talk, explained the cause of Air pollution and to resolve the problems by adopting healthy environment, to minimize the respiratory health issues.
After the tea break the second session was commenced with the brief introduction of Speaker Dr.Purandara Bekal, Scientist, National Institute of Hydrology, Belagavi on “Environmental Geochemistry- An Emerging Trend”. It was an innovative talk covering the broad area of Geological process and formation of earth and Hydrogeological provinces of hard rocks.
The Third session was commenced with the brief introduction of third Speaker Dr. K.V. Manoj Krishna, Assistant Professor, Department Of Civil Engineering, Government S K S J Technological Institute, K.R.Circle, Bengaluru, on “Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering and Recent Avenues in the Field Of Ground Improvement Techniques”. It was an innovative talk covering the broad area of Soil Mechanics and improvement of soil.

Our students were highly motivated after the speech of the above speakers,
Talk focused on the following key points:
•    Source of Air pollutants
•    Status of Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme in Karnataka
•    Air quality monitoring in Bangalore
•    To take step improve the air quality of Bangalore city to BBMP, BDA , Police Dept & Transport ( Co-ordination Committee ).
•    Developmental works after 2014-15 in Bangalore city
•    Annual average values of PM10 in Bangalore city
•    Origin of magma and rock cycle
•    Formation of Igneous and Metamorphic RocksSedimentary Rocks
•    Hydrogeological Provinces of Hard Rocks in India
•    Hydrogeological Investigations Carried out
•    Problems associated with groundwater withdrawal
•    Mapping Regional Flow Systems
•    Chemical Properties of the Elements
•    What is the Earth made of
•    The Nature of Solids in the Geosphere
•    Geosphere-Hydrosphere Interactions and the Formation of Sediments and Clay Minerals
•    Conventional Laboratory Tests
•    What is Shear Strength
•    Influencing Factors on Shear Strength
•    Construction Techniques
•    Earth Pressure and Retaining Walls
•    Following are the outcomes achieved with this Expert talk
•    A clear-cut understanding about Air pollution and Geological process
•    To determine the cause for the increasing Health issues in the society
•    To know all the key points to keep in mind while Hydro-geological Investigations Carried out
•    Processes involved in the formation of earth
•    Why geological study is important.
•    What are the Construction Techniques
•    An ability to understand the problems created by us and to resolve it.

Sustainable Earth