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11 Mar 2020

Talk and workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Agenda: Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Innovation, Ideas
Trainer: Priya Menon, Founder and CEO, Floral Charm
Organizer: University Industry Integration Centre, REVA University
Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Anup Kumar Prasad, School of Architecture, REVA University
Venue: A.V. Room 325, Architecture Block
Dates: 11th March 2020
Students: 45 Students, 6th Semester, School of Architecture

UIIC, REVA University in association with, School of Architecture has organized and conducted a talk and workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 45 students from the 6th semester, School of Architecture have attended the season on 11th March 2020 and get aided from it.

The session on Entrepreneurship by Ms. Priya Menon, Founder, and CEO, Floral Charm was quite influential. She used colorful illustration instead of textual presentation to elaborate the concept for the talk to keep the audience's attention towards her. To make the session interactive and ensure student’s participation, Ms. Priya referred to fiction writers and Fantasy movies. Methodically she was able to establish how fiction can inspire to make reality better and beautiful. As the students at this stage are not quite sure about the significance of entrepreneurship, start-ups, and innovation, Ms. Priya Menon's approach to reaching out to student’s interests and metamorphically elaborate the significance of the session, was efficient.

Further, to bring a comprehensive understanding of Innovation and entrepreneurship, few hands-on exercises have been conducted. Students were divided into several groups and asked to come up with innovative ideas that can be transformed into a business model as a start-up. Student activity participated in the task and surprisingly came up with innovative ideas that have the potential for start-ups.

The Season was effective and sparked many budding architects to think like an entrepreneur & innovator. This would help the student in defining their carrier as well.

Talk and workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation