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04 Mar 2020

Talk on awareness of Intellectual Property Right

Agenda: Awareness on Patent, Copyright and trademark secrets
Trainer: Adv. Arshiya Ambreen, UIIC, REVA University
Organizer: University Industry Integration Centre, REVA University
Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Ujjal Halder and Asst. Prof. Anup Kumar Prasad
Venue: A.V. Room 325, Architecture Block
Dates: 4th March 2020
Students: 55 Students, 6th Semester, School of Architecture

UIIC, REVA University in association with, School of Architecture has organized and conducted a session on Awareness of Patent, Copyright and trademark secrets. 55 students from the 6th semester, School of Architecture have attended the season on 4th March 2020 and get benefited from it.
Trainer Adv. Arshiya Ambreen had explained the concept of intellectual property and why it’s important to keep the intellectual property protected from being copied or misused. To explain the phenomenon of copyright and trademark secrets to the young students, the speaker had referred to several Indian mythological tales. To make the talk interactive and get student's attention, Adv. Arshiya had explained a few interesting examples from day to day life to elaborate on the use of patent and copyright as intellectual property. Students participated actively and raised several queries to get the proper understanding of various aspects of Intellectual properties and their significance.

The Season was effective and brought awareness about Intellectual property rights, although, few students requested if the session could be more descriptive towards the protection of intellectual property in the field of architecture.

Talk on awareness of Intellectual Property Right