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05 Nov 2019

Talk on Green STP’s and Bio Gas Plant

Agenda:    Talk by Industry expert on Environment friendly solutions for STP
Speaker:    Shravanth R. Donthi
Organizer:    School of Architecture, REVA University
Courses benefitted: Architectural Design studio 5, Building services -I
Faculty Coordinator: Prof Vidya Srikanth, Prof Harshitha D
Venue:    A.V. Room 431, and Bio-gas construction site, REVA University
Dates:        5th November 2019
Faculty participants: Dr. Siva Jagannath, Prof Kirutika Selvi, Prof Anupadma R, Prof Nagaraj
Students:     51 Students, 5th Semester, School of Architecture

In keeping with Green solutions in Design and Architecture, the School of Architecture had organized a technical talk and site visit by Industry expert Mr.Shravanth Donthi of Green Lantern Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 

Mr. Shravanth commenced the talk in the studio of 5th Semester B.Arch. by explaining about traditional STP’s and the green Lantern STP, its space saving feature and energy efficiency. As the students of 5th semester are working on a Housing studio, with a requirement to design for 1000 population of potter community in Bangalore they had many queries regarding per capita generation of waste, size of unit etc. Mr. Shravanth explained the technicalities, stages of the design process, role of the architect in directing a client towards such energy efficient and green solutions. He also made the students aware of the long-term cost benefits of going for green solutions. 

The next part of the talk was to explain the green initiative taken by REVA university in installing the Green Lantern Bio-gas plant adjacent to the Food court wherein the food waste from all the points of generation- South Mess, North mess and the Food court will be converted into liquid waste and then into LPG and piped into the kitchens. The explanation was done at the site and students asked many questions pertaining to volume of LPG that may be generated through this, material used, precautions to be taken, flexibility in extended the piping to serve the residential units etc. 

The Talk was extremely relevant to the Design studio as they are at the stage of integrating the services into the Master plan and can adopt such green solutions. 

We are extremely thankful to Mr. Shravanth from Green lantern for sparing his time and sharing valuable knowledge with the students as they will have the opportunity to implement these solutions in practice later in their career. 
We thank our Honorable Chancellor, Dr. Shyama Raju for always choosing Green solutions over traditional solutions and giving the students on campus every opportunity to learn from the implementation process. We are thankful to Director Dr. Vimala Swamy for encouraging faculty members to arrange such technical talks from Industry experts in order to enhance the learning among students. 

Talk on Green STP’s and Bio Gas Plant