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14 Nov 2019

Technical Talk on Structural Elements and its behaviour

Faculty Coordinator: Dr.Vimala Swamy.
Course: Structural systems and Building Construction
Speaker: Er. Sridharan V (Structural consultant)
Faculty Participants: Asst Profs Er. Nagaraj, Ar. Kiruthikaselvi K J & Ar. UjjalHalder.
Venue: Lecture capturing room-213, C V Raman block.
Time: 11.00am to 3.30pm.
Students: 5th sem - 73
                3rd sem - 70
The School of Architecture, REVA University organized lecture session a “Technical talk on Structural Elements and its behaviour” by Er. Sridharan V a structural consultant for the students of 3rd and 5th semesters as part of their curriculum on 14th November 2019. 

The following points were covered in the Lecture session: 

It was an informative and interactive session for students. The students actively participated and acquired immense knowledge on structural components and its behavior, the practices and calculations were involved. 

We would like to thank Management REVA and our Director, School of Architecture, Dr. Vimala Swamy, for the organizing such lecture. We would like to thank Er.Sridharan.V for his valuable knowledge sharing

Technical Talk on Structural Elements and its behaviour