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14 Mar 2019

Technical Talk Report on Industrial IoT Using NI Technology

The Resource person of the Technical Talk was A Manimaran, designated as an Assistant Manager in VI Solutions, Bangalore and handling the major responsibility of supporting various industries in implementing several Turn-key Systems and System Integration projects using NI products.

He is also handling the major responsibility of “Improving the quality of Engineering & Science Education” and eradicating the impoverish methods of education and inculcating the interest for LabVIEW.

He has travelled far and wide throughout India and Sri Lanka, has delivered thought provoking lectures which inspire the students and kindle their interests towards LabVIEW and also visited more than 200 Indian Engineering Institutions. He had conducted more number of hands on trainings to engineering students of various branches on “LabVIEW basics and Data Acquisition”. He also had conducted many faculty development workshops on various trending technologies including RF Communication & Wireless Systems, Advanced Signal Processing and Data Acquisition and control etc. He has delivered more than 350 Lectures on “Experiential Engineering Education" on varied Technology Topics.

Around 120 students from the School of ECE attended the Technical Talk.

The Technical Talk focused on following key points:

Technical Talk Report on  Industrial IoT Using NI Technology