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06 Apr 2019

Visit to Rain Water Harvesting Theme park

The visit to Rain Water Harvesting Theme park was organised for the students of 4th semester, B.Arch., by School of Architecture on 05th April 2019 as a part of academic purpose. The visit aimed at mainly in enhancing the knowledge on the new techniques implemented and enforced the same as bylaws by BBMP to save water, reuse water and so on. The visit gave an insight for students about the importance to save water and the benefits of saving water in present scenario along with the new techniques implemented to save water for the future.

The visit started with a small video presentation which conveys a message what are the measures taken by the authorities to bring the water to Bangalore and how it is distributed in and around Bangalore. Later, the students were divided into 3 groups and taken around the park to explain the 20 new different techniques how ground water is recharged, reuse of roof top water and harvesting rain water in different projects.

Students got a detailed technical explanation and understanding about the each preservation technique used for rain water harvesting with the study models installed. It was a great learning experience for both faculty and students regarding Rain water harvesting techniques can be used in all types of projects either residential/ commercial/ institutional, etc. Even though the techniques feels older the way it was installed and explained makes it very easy to understand and inspires to implement. The students were also guided how these techniques can be implemented in their design projects.

Visit to Rain Water Harvesting Theme park