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09 May 2019

Visit to Sewage Treatment Plant

Course:  Building Services I 
Semester: 4th semester (A and B sections)
No. of Students:35
Date: 09th May 2019
Faculty Coordinators:  Asst. Profs. Shilpa M Prabhu, Kiruthika Selvi J
Accompanying Faculty members: Asst. Profs. Nagaraj and Murali J

The students of 4th semester, B.Arch.., visited the Sewage treatment plant, in Reva University campus 09th May April 2019. The visit aimed in enhancing the knowledge on the new techniques implemented and enforced how the generated sewage and the organic waste has been treated and re used in the form of treated water and organic waste as manure.

Students got a detailed technical explanation about how the organic waste like garden waste and the food residual has been converted into manure using the new techniques through vermi composting, mechanical organic waste converter 
Along with that students also learnt about how the sewage is treated and reused. The stages involved in sewage treatment i.e., from collection of sewage till the end point of usage of recycled water and also the mechanisms involved in treating the sewage/ sullage water.

Visit to Sewage Treatment Plant