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Notices and announcements

20 May 2021

Western Sydney University


Our partner Western Sydney University, which is an Australian multi-campus University in the Greater Western region of Sydney, Australia have shared the link for the programmes being offered.

The link for the programme and the applications are for students who are looking for progression abroad. For further details kindly contact the International Coordinators of the School.

Study Abroad brochure, including dates and tuition fees, can be found here.

The students can research units that can be taken here by checking the online Handbook and should be able to search for units by campus, session, school, etc. Please note, study abroad students can choose from units across most of our schools at Western Sydney University, Cross-school enrolment is permitted. Students must, however, identify units on just one campus as the programme doesn’t facilitate cross-campus enrolment due to the time and logistics constraints of travel between campuses.

Additional information at inbound study abroad and exchange programme page.