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UC Riverside offers the following programmes for students to take up:

1] UCP- 
Students enrolling in Credit courses at the Undergraduate and Graduate level through International Educational programs[IEP] UCP program will pay US$5950 per quarter which allows students take 12 academic Credits.Additional credits can be taken for 350$ per credit.Tuition fees are guaranteed for 2019.Ref website www.iep.ucr.edu. .Quarter start dates around in Sept,Jan,March and June.

2] Post Graduate certificates and Diplomas- IEP will provide Indian students who will graduate and graduated from Indian Universities use the opportunity to enroll in IEP’s 3 Months Post graduate certificate in Management [PGCM] ,IEP’s 6 months Post graduate certificate in Applied Management [PGCAM] or in IEP’s 9 months Post graduate Diploma in Engineering Management [PGDEM] or in Bio Engineering Management [PGDBM].Students who complete all 3 quarter [9 months] PGDEM/ PGDBM programs are eligible for one year OPT.

3] Postgraduate Program fees are as below- 
A] 3 months PGCM - US $ 7900 
B] 6 months PGCAM -$ 10,300 
C] 9 months PGDEM/PGDBM -$ 18,200 -Will be eligible for one year OPT

The details of these programmes specially for Management students is available in the link: www.iep.ucr.edu

Interested students may contact their School Director or the respective School Coordinator for further details