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School Wise Research Coordinators  

Sl No Name of the Coordinator Designation Name of the School Email-Id Mobile
1 Dr Viswanath Y Associate Professor Computing  Science and Engineering  vishwanath.y@reva.edu.in 9844891153
2 Dr. Geeta C Mara Associate Professor Computer science and information technology geetac.mara@reva.edu.in 9481082405
3 Dr. Seelam Srikanth Reddy Assistant Professor Civil Engineering srikanths.reddy@reva.edu.in 9491303992
4 Ashwini P Assistant Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering ashwinip@reva.edu.in 9611073663
5 Dr Ravi Kumar M G Assistant Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering ravikumarmg@reva.edu.in 9964356941
6 Dr. Hemanth K Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering hemanth.k@reva.edu.in 9964498185
7 Dr. S Devaraj Professor Mechanical Engineering devaraj.s@reva.edu.in 8971824410
8 Burri Ankaiah Assistant Professor Electrical & Electronics Engineering burri.ankaiah@reva.edu.in 9177917821
9 Dr. Vimala Swamy Associate Professor Architecture vimalaswamy@reva.edu.in 9535836886
10 Dr. Manjula K R Associate professor Biotechnology manjula.kr@reva.edu.in 8095716777
11 Dr. V Damodara Reddy Associate Professor Biochemistry damodara.reddyv@reva.edu.in 9502639348
12 Dr. M Madesh Kumar Professor Physics madeshkumar@reva.edu.in 9341271290
13 Dr. Manjunatha N Associate Professor Mathematics manjunatha.n@reva.edu.in 9686623528
14 Dr. K S Hemanth Associate Professor Computer Science and Applications hemanth.ks@reva.edu.in 9986257582
15 Dr. Kumara J N Assistant Professor Legal Studies kumara.jn@reva.edu.in 9739356190
16 Dr. Abhisarika Prajapati Assistant Professor Art and Humanities abhisarika.p@reva.edu.in 8123730963
17 Aswini C P Assistant Professor Performing Arts aswini.cp@reva.edu.in 9900940668
18 R Arun Sankar Visiting Faculty Performing Arts arun.sankar@reva.edu.in 9008148849
19 Dr. Nagendra Associate Professor Chemical Science nagendra.g@reva.edu.in 9844722805
20 Dr. Lokanadha Reddy M Associate Professor Commerce lokanadhareddy@reva.edu.in 9490991873
21 Dr. Ruchi Gupta Associate Professor Management Studies ruchigupta@reva.edu.in 9538036813
22 Dr. Raje Siddiraju Upendra Associate Professor Multidisciplinary  Studies upendra.rs@reva.edu.in 9611139872/9618536866