Research in REVA University is regarded as one of the most important activities besides teaching and learning. As research activities lead to new path breaking technologies enabling progress in all aspects research & Innovation will ultimately benefit the overall development of the nation. The technology will pave the path of self sustainment and better utilization of resources around us. The university therefore commits itself to providing the best of ambience for research.

The university with dedicated & qualified faculty, dynamic research scholars, moderate research facilities, well drafted research quality assurance guidelines, and supportive management provides an excellent ambience to pursue research. Research circles, mentored by senior faculty members are active in all the schools and are primarily responsible for cultivating interdisciplinary research cultures in students and faculty.

 The university encourages dissemination of research outcomes to the society through conferences so that scientific debates trigger exchange of ideas among the research community resulting in solutions for the welfare of the society.

I wish all the researchers the best for their future research endeavors.

Dr B. P. Divakar

Dean, Research & Innovation