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Robotics and Automation lab July - 2019

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering, REVA University organized Robotics and Automation Lab in 15th to 20th July 2019 supported by IIT Bombay e-Yantra project.

Robotics and Automation lab

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering, REVA University established Robotics and Automation Lab in 2016 supported by IIT Bombay e-Yantra project. The lab provides facility for Research, Innovation and training to all the students and faculty members of various schools in REVA University, Bengaluru, India.

Facilities and support for students:

  • Lab has equipped with Robotic kits  and accessories worth of 2 Lakhs
  • Availability of the faculty from ECE, ME, CSE, EEE etc. trained in Robotics from IIT Bombay.
  • Lab provides training for the students of all inter disciplines like ECE, ME, CSE, EEE etc.
  • Lab has support IIT professors for e knowledge share.
  • Students can takeup: UG/PG project in curriculum, hobby projects, mini projects which is very much helpful for their placements
  • Prerequisites to learn Robotics: Fundamentals of Microcontroller, C language
  • Students participate in Robotics competition conducted by IITB, win prizes, internship, certificates and awards, showcase their project at IITB Robotics exhibition
  • E-Yantra project launch Ideas competition and good projects will be Incubated
  • Good projects can be applied for funds.
  • Inter disciplinary projects are be carried out which is helpful for their placement.
  • Students participate in exhibitions, competitions, seminars
  • Winners of the competition e-Yantra project Robotics competition will be given internship at IITB
  • Doing projects in Robotics place students in core companies
  • Under e-Yantra project students can participate in National level Robotics competition,
  • Students publish papers on Robotics in conference and Journals.
  • Innovative idea is applied for patent.


  • FIST/DST proposal on Robotics of 1 crore is submitted
  • eYantra Project IIT Bombay launched Task Based Training for Faculty TBT-2016. Faculty obtained Grade A.
  • e-Yantra project IIT Bombay launched e-Yantra Ideas Competition in 2017. Suraj N., Mr. Santhosh Reddy K. V., and Mr. Vinay Kumar P., students from School of Mechanical Engineering, REVA University won National level award for best demonstration and presentation for the project “Sewage Blockage Removal Robot” conducted by IIT Bombay on 7th& 8th of April 2017. The project was guided by Dr. Jagadeeswaran N., Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Veena K. N., Associate Professor, School of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The ideas has been filed for patent.
  • Inter disciplinary team of faculty members and students consisting of Dr. Veena K. N., Associate professor, School of ECE, Dr. N. Jagadeeswaran, Associate professor, School of ME, Praveen V. Vijapur, Assistant professor, School of ECE and Santhosh Reddy K. V., Vinay Kumar P., Suraj N., students from school of ME, Spoorthi K. B., Srinivas H. A., and S. V. Ullas Kumar students from School of ECE,  Harshit M., and Akshay G. V., students from School of C&IT,  REVA University are now working towards providing complete solution to eradicate the inhuman practice of manual cleaning of sewer lines causing diseases, affecting environment and human death. The team have consulted and had discussion with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB), about the current sewage system and the problems that are faced by the people during the cleaning process.
  • The proposed novel solution has been filed for patent. The work has been communicated to PMO office, India.

Events :

1) Faculty trained in Robotics from IIT Bombay

2) Faculty workshop conducted by IIT Bombay at REVA University

3) Faculty Taking up building challenge of “Valet parking Robot” from IIT Bombay eYantra project

4) Robotics and Automation Lab Inauguration ( Online by IIT Bombay eYantra project) 25th November, 2016.


5) Three day FDP on ROBOTICS on 11, 12, 13 January 2017


6) Achievements of students in e-Yantra Ideas competition 2017 IIT Bombay eYantra project


7) Current project Undergoing