Industry Visit: ISRO Satellite Centre - REVA University
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Indian Space Research Organization Satellite Centre

Industry Visit: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Satellite Centre

Report on Industrial Visit

Organized by : School of ECE

Held On : 15th Sep 2017

Organized by : School of ECE

Total Number of Participants : 53 Students, 3rd SEM B Section


  • Prof. Sathyaprakash,
  • Prof. Madan H. T.
  • Prof. Roshan Zameer Ahmed

About The Event:

The School of ECE had arranged an industrial visit to ISRO Satellite Center, Marathalli, Bangalore, on dated 05/10/2017, for the students of 2nd year (3rd Sem B Section) consisting of 53 students. These students were accompanied by 3 faculties from the School namely Prof. Madan H. T., Prof. Sathyaprakash and Prof. Roshan Zameer Ahmed. The visit commenced at 1 pm in the afternoon, where series of formalities were undertaken by the military officials from the entrance gate to till the venue allotted.

Mr. Srinivas, Senior Scientist, ISRO, welcomed the gathering and guided the students with initial demo videos of basic need of satellite, its invention, different kinds with the evolutionary background, satellite preparation, rocket launch and explained the models of satellites kept at the ISRO museum. Later the attendees got a lifetime opportunity as they were taken to the clean room where the next satellite for Chandrayan-2 was being prepared which would be launched next year 2018.

Mr. Srinivas answered all the queries that students had related to the things they had observed at ISRO. Students were then encouraged to take up the entrance exam and avail various positions at ISRO with the best ever possible benefits they could imagine. Later, it was a special opportunity for them to interact with Mr. S. Hiriyanna, Head, GEOSAT programme and Deputy Project Director, Spacecraft systems, ISRO. Mr. Hiriyanna while addressing, spoke about how engineering students can contribute for the Nation building through innovations in technology. He insisted students to become Entrepreneurs and provide job opportunities to others. He stressed on the relationship between students and faculties, how it was in the past and how is it in the current scenario. He advised students to dream big and achieve the best possible of it. He also appreciated the initiative taken up by REVA University for introducing such visits for the young minds and nurturing their careers. Hence, the industrial visit to ISRO enriched knowledge to both students and faculties in knowing more about Aerospace and Communication Satellites.

On behalf of our School of ECE we would like to thank our Honorable Chancellor Dr. Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya and, Director School of ECE Dr. Rajashekhar C. Biradar for their continuous support. Also, we would extend our regards to the Deputy General Manager Mr. Lakshmanan for providing the transport facility, Marketing Manager Ms. Deepa, and Ms. Renuka for providing momentous at the earliest towards the visit.

ISRO – BHUVAN Asset Mapping (EPRIS) Project

Held On :15th Sep 2017

Co-ordinator : Prof. Debarati Bhattacharya

Description of the event:

ISRO has initiated a new project called Empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions Spatially (EPRIS) with the goal to empower PRIs with the space-based inputs towards resource-based and integrated spatial developmental planning of rural areas in a user-friendly enabling environment. ISRO has granted permission for 50 villages in Mandya Taluk to be taken up by School of ECE, REVA University. In this direction, MOU is signed between NRSC,ISRO and School of ECE,RU on 5th May, 2017.

Report of the Event:

The event was planned on 5th June, 2017 to cover 50 villages in Mandya Taluk in cooperation with 11 faculty members and 67 students. A total of around 600 assets for all the 51 villages have been mapped into BHUVAN Panchayat Portal. The feedback from the faculty members as well as the students about this project is very encouraging. The students got a real-life experience about the infrastructure and facilities available in the villages of our country. They were astonished about the lifestyle of the villagers.