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Industrial And Foreign Visits

Industrial And Foreign Visits

Industrial visit to Siddaganga Institute of Technology SIT Tumkur

Held On: 17/4/2018

Organized By : School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Participants : 72 Students, 4th SEM, School of ECE

Faculty members:

Prof. Savitha PR, Dr. G.Seshikala, Prof. Ravi Shankar.D, Prof. Praveen .V. vijapur, Foreman: Mr Nagendra CV

School of ECE, intended to set up Remote Hardware Lab to have 24/7 lab utilization. Dr. K C Narasimhamurthy, Professor, Dept. of Telecommunication Engg. has set up successfully remote hardware lab at SIT, Tumkur To interact with the students working in the lab and establish student to student interaction and also to see working of Remote Hardware Lab, team of faculty members and students from ECE School visited SIT, Tumkur on 17-04-2018.

The REVA university bus started from campus at 9.30 AM and reached SIT Tumkur by 11AM. Dr. K C Narasimhamurthy presented the details of Remote Hardware lab at SIT Tumkur and also shared his experience from start of this lab and the progress happened over the years till today. Our students interacted and gained knowledge. During the interaction one of the question raised by our student to have a stand by parallel path in hard ware circuit for critical application is appreciated and they also intend incorporate in forthcoming projects. In the afternoon session students were divided into groups and each group was headed by host and visiting college students. Demonstration was given to each batch and many valuable information was exchanged between them. Later we have given instruction to student group to make report about the interaction. Dr.Seshikala interacted with ECE professors about syllabus curriculum and visited ECE lab. The session ended with vote of thanks and bus returned to REVA University by 4.50PM.

On behalf of School of ECE we would like to thank Honorable Chancellor Dr.P.Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, and Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya for their continuous support for knowledge enhancement programs for faculty member and students. We also take this opportunity to thank our Director School of ECE Dr. R C Biradar for initiating this project. We also thank Mr G.Lakshman DGM (Admin) for providing transportation facility. We whole heartedly thank management, principal of SIT Tumkur for their great hospitality. We thank Dr. K C Narasimhamurthy for sharing his knowledge and providing opportunity for visiting SIT.

Industrial visit to the COE NANO Material & MEMS Laboratory.

Held On: 17th May 2018

Organized By : School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

As part of industry interaction in School of Electronics and Communication Engineering had organized visit for students of 2nd Sem M. Tech VLSI Course MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) fabrication Lab at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.

I would like to thank Director School of ECE, Dr. Rajashekhar C. Biradar and Dr. Prashanth V Joshi (PG Coordinator) for their constant guidance and motivation in every way.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our Hon'ble Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Y Kulkarni, Registrar Dr. M Dhanamjaya, and Director Admin Col Nataraj Kuppasad for always supporting and encouragement.

Report on visit to CENTUM Electronics Ltd.

Held On: 10th April, 2018

Organized By : School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

CENTUM Electronics Ltd., started in 1994 by Mr. Apparao V. Mallavarapu a first generation entrepreneur. CENTUM is one of the leading fabrication company in the world, it has the fame of being in top 3 companies in the world in delivering oscillator products. Their focus is on medium and high end electronic design along with some prestigious government projects like, ISRO, ISAC and DRDO.

In collaboration with New Zealand based company called Rakon they are manufacturing OCX (Oven Controlled Oscillators). We visited this facility which has 400 employees (325 technicians, 25 R&D engineers and 50 administrative staff) headed by General Manager Mr Unnikrishnan. Most of their fabrication focusses on quartz crystal oscillator manufacturing. We had an opportunity to have a glance of various facilities such as CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), Clean Room, Annealing, laser etching and Ageing. In the basement they have testing facility where thermal and vibration are tested for reliability and stability.

Later we visited CENTUM (SEBU- Strategic Electronic Business Unit) where we met Mr. Vinod Chippalkatti, Vice President Strategic Electronics, Mr. Veda Prakash and Mrs. Sandhya Thyagarajan. This facility majorly focuses on satellite related projects, they have their presence in almost all student satellite project such as Jugnu, STUDSAT, CubeSat, PISAT. They are significantly involved in all satellite programs, as 400 to 500 components of CENTUM are housed in every satellite. The Vice-President invited us to visit EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) a ASG Bagalur in near time.


  • The industry is moving towards industry 4.0 which encompasses IoT, Big Data, Robotics and Automation.
  • CENTUM is Keen in digitizing the industry.
  • Diploma students are hired as technicians whereas UG&PG students are hired as R&D engineers.
  • A good company to collaborate for student satellite program.
  • Good option for students looking for core job in Telecom, PCB design, Microelectronics, mixed CMOS VLSI design, assembly testing and DFT.
  • For mechanical students thermal and vibrations study and for electrical students DC to DC power supply.
  • 6 Months internship for M. Tech students.
  • They are looking for IP, IPR, Publications and Patents from Academic collaborations.
  • Their management techniques especially Kaizen and Six-Sigma are very efficient.
  • High standards of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and PbB’0.5 of stability is appreciable.


  • They already have academic collaborations with RV, BMS and SIT Tumkur, with 2 chairs in IISc (Dr Mohan, thin films specialist).
  • We can collect the details of above engagements and tailor a suitable MoU between REVA University and CENTUM.
  • Mr. Vinod, vice president, Veda Prakash, Sandhya Thyagarajan and Mr Unnikrishnan can be included in BoS (Board of Studies) and can be invited to deliver technical talks.
  • Some of their R&D engineers are interested in pursuing higher education such as PG and PhD. We can have a collaboration between R&I Cell of REVA University and CENTUM for industry integrated research.
  • Plan for evening engineering for their technicians based on feasibility (management can take a call on this).
  • Establishing Centre of excellence in PCB design and Telecom.
  • Collaborating with CENTUM for student Satellite program.

By initiating small possible engagement, as one thing leads to another we can scale new heights of achievements by the symbiosis of technology to have a long and strong relationship with CENTUM.


  • Dr. Rajashekar C. Biradar, Director, ECE
  • Dr. Bharathi, S. H., Dy. Director, ECE
  • Dr. Seetha Ram Raju, Adjunct Professor
  • Mr. K. M. Sudharshan, Assistant Director, ECE
  • Dr. Manjunath R. Kounte, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed, Head, Career Counselling Cell, ECE
  • Mr. Raveendra Gudodagi, Coordinator-Industry Interaction, ECE.
  • Mr. Ravishankar D, Coordinator- Skill Development Cell, ECE.

Industry Visits by the Faculty Members / Students of the School during April to December, 2017

Date Name of the Industry Date of visit No. of Students / Faculty Members visited Purpose of visit


Infosys Mysore



Industry interaction







MCF Hassan





NMIT Nitte





ITI Limited,Banglore




Industry Visits by the Faculty Members / Students of the School during April to December, 2017

Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Member Date of visit Country(ies) Purpose of visit



6th July


ACM Chapters Computer Science in Cars Symposium CSCS 2017


Prof.Roshan Zameer Ahmed

2nd &3rd Jan


2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science and Electronics



Industrial Visit to Master Control Facilty(MCF), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Satellite Centre

Held on :08/11/2017

Participants : 42 Students, 5th SEM E Section

Faculties : Prof. Ravi Shankar D

The School of ECE had arranged an industrial visit to Master Control Facilty,ISRO,Hassan dated on 08/11/2017, for the students of 3rd year (5th Sem E Section) consisting of 43 students. These students were accompanied by Prof. Ravi Shankar D. The visit commenced at 1.45 pm in the afternoon, where series of formalities were undertaken by the military officials from the entrance gate to till the venue allotted.

Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka controls all the Geostationary / Geosynchronous satellites of ISRO, namely, INSAT, GSAT, Kalpana and IRNSS series of satellites. MCF is responsible for Orbit Raising of satellites, In-orbit payload testing, and On-orbit operations all through the life of these satellites. MCF activities include round-the-clock Tracking, Telemetry & Commanding (TT&C) operations, and special operations like Eclipse management, Station-keeping manoeuvres and recovery actions in case of contingencies. MCF interacts with User Agencies for effective utilisation of the satellite payloads and to minimise the service disturbances during special operations.

Mr. Manjunath, Senior Scientist, MCF, ISRO, welcomed the gathering and guided the students with initial demo videos of basic need of satellite, its invention, different kinds with the evolutionary background, satellite preparation, rocket launch and explained the models of Earth Stations and Telemetry Tracking,Commanding and Monitoring.(TTC&M).

Mr. Manjunath answered all the queries that students had related to the things they had observed at MCF, ISRO. Students were then encouraged to take up the entrance exam and avail various positions at MCF, ISRO with the best ever possible benefits they could imagine. He insisted students to become Entrepreneurs and provide job opportunities to others. He advised students to dream big and achieve the best possible of it. He also appreciated the initiative taken up by REVA University for introducing such visits for the young minds and nurturing their careers. Hence, the industrial visit to MCF, ISRO enriched knowledge to both students and faculty in knowing more about Metereological and Communication Satellites and Its Launching. On behalf of our School of ECE we would like to thank our Honorable Chancellor Dr. Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya for their continuous support and Our beloved dynamic Director School of ECE Dr. Rajashekhar C. Biradar for his encouragement and support.