FORCE Aavishkar 2016-2017 - SOECE, REVA University
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FORCE – “Aavishkar”

AAVISHKAR Project Exhibition and Competition Repor

Venue : Amphitheatre, C V Raman Block

Held On : 25th APRIL 2019

Organised By : School of ECE

Time: 09:30 AM to 3:30PM

About The Event:

AAVISHKAR Project demonstration under FORCE Forum was conducted on April 25th, 2019 at 09:30AM in Amphitheatre, CV Raman Block. Honorable Chancellor Dr P Shyama Raju Sir, Vice Chancellor, Dr S Y Kulkarni, Chief Guest Dr Nagahanumaiah, Director, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI), Bengaluru and Dr R C Biradar, Director, School of ECE inaugurated the program and also addressed students on the importance of conducting such events. Honorable Chancellor Sir, after inaugurating the event emphasized on further improvisation of the projects carried out and also motivated the students to work towards the development of the products leading to the commercialization of products which in turn has to develop the entrepreneur skills of the students. He also highlighted on consultation by industrial experts to guide and provide inputs to the students to choose and work on the projects based on the industrial requirements.

Chief guest Dr Nagahanumaiah briefed over the importance of innovative and industry oriented projects. He also motivated the students to collaborate with industry experts for internships.

Director, School of ECE, highlighted the best practices carried out in the school like Project based learning, Industry visit, Internships etc. He also appreciated and motivated students for participating in technical events and competitions.

AAVISHKAR Project exhibition & competition is the effort aimed project-based learning among students of ECE. School of ECE aims at providing hands-on experience to various technical aspects of engineering problems which will enable students to develop creative thinking and innovation in bringing up better engineering solutions and improves the depth of understanding of engineering concepts.

There were about 195 projects and posters that were exhibited from students of 4th and 6th semesters of ECE.

Projects exhibited were mainly explored in the broad areas of Robotics, Application of renewable energy, Wireless power transfer, Sensors, LIC, Micro-controllers, embedded systems, IOT and many more. The project exhibition showcased many interesting concepts and ideas which can be further developed to give better solution for engineering problems and can be developed further as a product.

The objectives of Aavishkar 2019:
• To demonstrate personal abilities and skills required to realize and present an extended idea in ECE and interdisciplinary areas.
• To analyze hardware software co design concepts to build real time system.
• To compare and contrast similar existing products and highlight the benefits.

On successful completion of the Aavishkar Project exhibition, the students will be able to:
• Extend their learning experience by designing projects and providing them with opportunities to enhance their CV and employability.
• Demonstrate a sound technical knowledge of their selected project topic.
• Undertake problem identification, formulation and solution.
• Design engineering solutions for complex problems utilizing a systems approach.
• Communicate with engineers and the community at large in written and oral forms.
• Demonstrate the knowledge skills and attitude of a professional engineers.

We would like to thank our beloved Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju Sir, for gracing the occasion and also for providing all the necessary facility and support for conduction of the event. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Y.Kulkarni Sir, for their constant support and motivation. We also thank our Director, School of ECE, Dr. Rajashekhar C Biradar, for his constant support and guidance. We also thank all faculty and staff of school of ECE for their active involvement and support.


Project Exhibition

No. of Participants : 600

Held On : 05/05/2017

Venue : Circuit labs

About The Event:

Project exhibition is conducted to impart practical implementation skill among students. In this event more than 130 students groups (600 students) took part. Students exhibited their working models and prototypes.


HDL Programming

No. of Participants : 42

Held On : 04/05/2017

Venue : HDL lab

Judge : Prof. Dilip Chandra , Prof. Raganna ,Prof. Neethu

About The Event:

To enhance the programing skill of the students. Each student group is given with a problem statement, students has to apply their logic and write a HDL program to solve the given problem

Microcontroller Programming

No. of Participants : 56

Held On : 04/05/2017

Venue : Microcontroller lab

Judge : Prof. Usharani G , Prof. Natraj Urs. , Prof. Sarveda

About The Event:

To enhance the programing skill of the students. Each student group is given with a problem statement, students has to apply their logic and write a microcontroller program to solve the given problem.

Technical Quiz

No. of Participants : 36

Held On : 04/05/2017

Venue : Room No. 213

Judges : Dr. Veena , Dr. Md. Riyaz Ahmad

About The Event:

Technical Quiz event is conducted to enhance the technical knowledge of students. Questions are farmed to test technical reasoning ability of the students. Students has to answer spontaneously by discussing with their teammates in given 2 mins time.

Circuit Debugging and Design

No. of Participants : 33

Held On : 02/05/2017

Venue : Analog Electronic circuits Lab

Judges : Prof. Savitha , Prof. Abdul , Prof. Vishnuvardhan

About The Event:

In first round students groups are given with a faulty circuit diagram, students has to identify the fault and rectify it. In round-2 students has to rig up the circuit and prove that, fault has been rectified practically and showcase the rectified output.

Technical Hunt

No. of Participants : 30

Held On : 22/04/2017

Venue : Main block

Judges : Prof. Prasad S N, Prof. Amruth A P

About The Event:

Each group has four students, all group students has to find out the clue hidden in answer a technical question to find out the name of next checkpoint. There will be 5 check points, the group which cracks final questions are winners.