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Community Service Activities

On occasion of Children’s Day - Visit to Deaf Blindness School – Mathru

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 14th November 2018

“Whenever you fall down, you have two options: To get up and fight back or to run away.” What if this fall meant lifetime suffering and a drift from the normalcy of life?! Dizen with luxuries we forget the gifts God has endowed upon us. This brief visit to the Mathru School for free residential school for hearing impaired and multisensory disabled children made a digging impact into our hearts and brains. Most of us would perhaps lose all hope and adapt to the darks of our lives instead if, God forbid, we are physically impaired in any sense. What if you were born with it or else faced it at an early age?? These children answer the question and push the shadows away with confidence, perseverance and enlightenment. Two of the students of the Deaf and Dumb School are even earning monthly by preparing different paper bags. Your adorned masks cannot fake these clever little fellows. The children at this school seemed to be able to see more than us. Their sixth sense and positive attitude toward life make one wince. We, Rotaractors, interacted with the children and had great fun. We heard their melodious voices stringing the pearls of words into our ears and even distributed chocolates as part of “Children’s Day Celebration”. Adorned by their trees the sky brought together strangers and entangled them into a lifelong friendship. Parting these new friends was hard. Everyone looked up one last time with a broad smile and the hearts saluting the enthusiasm of the young ones while moving down the dusty rocky path edged with beautiful garden. The amazing part is that none of us pity these children. Instead, we feel proud of them and pity ourselves to be lacking the kind of vividness. We were honored to be a part of their lives although (to our dismay) just for a few hours…….

Visited to Yelahanka Government Model School by REVA Rotaract Club

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 13th November 2018

Total No of participants : 50

It is well said that “Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner “

The Reva Rotaract club and Community Service Committee, School of ECE, with the collaboration of STEM had organized a activity where a team of 12 students from School of ECE and School of C&IT visited the Yelahanka Government Model School.

Here, we interacted with the students of the school and also illustrated them some of the science experiments. Some of the experiments are elevator, generator, displacement, force and friction, periscope etc. We had great fun time interacting with the students and spending some quality time with those kids. We also collected the feedback from those students and we have received a positive feedback from all the kids.

It has been a wonderful experience, interacting with the students, learning and also teaching them how some basic things we see and feel daily has some science hidden behind it. Every Retractor was able to explore their teaching talents and also that no matter how old we grow there is always a kid within us wanting to enjoy. As per the agenda we did our best in making the kids understand science with the help of experiments.

Like our beloved Jawaharlal Nehru has quoted “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. Only through right education can a better order of society be buildup"

We the Retractors of REVA University shall try best to conduct few more similar activities and try giving the best to all the children.

Session on community service and Its Importance by Dr Ali Khwaja

Event Organised by : School of ECE

Date: 13th Nov 2018

Branch Counselor: Prof, Pratibha V Hegde, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club, Asst. Prof, School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Coordinators:
Mushabeer, President.
Yashwanth Simha, Secretary
Maneesha, Vice-President
Meghana.G, Vice treasurer
Rashmi.R, Public service director
Vijay Bhargav Reddy, International service director

Total No of participants: 70

The resource person for the talk was Dr. Ali Khwaja, Chairman and principal faculty, Banjara Academy, Bengaluru.
* The session was about what is the importance of community service in our day to day life and how will it help us to grow in a better way.
* He was an eminent speaker who gave examples of his own engineering life, how he was back then and what are the incidents which took place in his life, which made him what he is now.
* He quoted the life story of great people such a Bill Gates, Sathya Nadala, and many of his friends how they came up in life and what is that students should do come up in life. He stressed on a point that, “We will learn more when we start thinking outside the box, i.e. when we involve ourselves in Community. As there is lot to learn from each one of us here”
* He stated an example of a lady who was from West Bengal, knew only Bengali and English, but had a zeal to serve people. In spite of these constraints, how she was successful in doing it in Karnataka without knowing the native language. He went on to say, it is all about our mindset, passion and affinity to help society or our community in whatever possible way.
* He stressed on the ethics and honesty qualities, which each and everyone should follow and what was its inportance in life by giving examples of his own friends who got rejected in a company in spite of being studied in IITs because of lack of ethics and moral. The most important thing that one should have in life is ethics and honesty.
* He was a live example of how people can lead a happy and meaningful life by helping others.
* All that he wanted for the students is to think out of box so that they don't get bored of their work after certain age in their life.
*The event was full of life and the students were made aware of how they need to prepare themselves for the future. Students had a very good time interacting with him and he enjoyed answering their queries.

Session on “Scholarship Available for Students” RU 3rd Sem ‘E’ section students

Organized by : ECE, REVA University

Held On : October 17th 2018

About the Session : The School of ECE, organized a Session on “SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS” for RU 3rd Sem ‘E’ section students

Organised By: School of ECE – Community Service and Outreach Program Committee

Date : October 17th 2018

Organised By: School of ECE – Community Service and Outreach Program Committee

Date : October 17th 2018

Coordinators/ Organizing Committee : Prof. Pratibha V Hegde
Prof. Aryalekshmi B N

Targeted Audience : 3rd semester ‘E’ section ECE students, REVA University

Resource Person(s) : Ms Lavanya (7th Sem ECE Student)

Program Conducted : Scholarship Available for Students

No. of Students Participated : 52

Feedback from Students : All the students expressed their view that they are very much happy and satisfied with this session and suggested to have few more sessions of this kind in future.

About the Session : The School of ECE, organized a Session on “SCHOLARSHIP AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS” for RU 3rd Sem ‘E’ section students

Study Tour of Officers (CITO COURSE SRL-02)

Organized by : ECE, REVA University

Held On : 9th Oct 2018

About The Event: The preparation for study tour of officers from BSF was started out, as soon as we received a mail from Dr. Ramesh N, Dean (T&P). The execution Plan was discussed with the school director, faculty members/staff members, Dean (TP), and Mr. Arpan Dixit. As per the plan we need to receive the officers on 9th October at 9am, followed the study tour.

The team of officers from BSF Signal Training School were received from the main entrance at 9.20am. The team was welcomed by Mr. Arpan Dixit and Prof. KM Sudharshan together with our laboratory instructors. We have taken the team to school of ECE for laboratory visits, all the faculty involved in the laboratory explained the related stuffs about the labs which they were handling.

The study tour started with the demonstration lecture about VLSI by Prof. KM Sudharshan. The students were given the flow of process from sand to Integrated circuit chips. The lecture went for a duration of 45 minutes from 10.00am to 10.45am. The session was continued by Dr. Mrinal Sarvagna enlightened the officers about underwater sensors and communications. The talk went on from 11am to 11.45am.

The officers were taken to high tea with Director, ECE and team. After the tea break, Director addressed the team of officers and discussion were made on probable ways of handshaking modes with BSF regarding any technical related stuffs.

On behalf of the School of ECE, REVA University we propose our heartfelt thanks to our Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju Sir for providing all facility and support. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni Sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya Sir, Dean Training and Placement Dr. Ramesh Sir for their continuous guidance and support.

We also extend our thanks to Dr. R.C Biradar Sir, Director, School of ECE. I thank faculty and staff members of our school for their untiring support in conducting the activities. Please find the photos of the event.

Visit to Shettygerehalli

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 6th Sep 2018

Total No of Volunteers : 10

Branch Counselor:
Prof. Pratibha V Hegde, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club, Asst. Prof. School of ECE, REVA University.
Prof. Aryalaxmi, Community Service Coordinator, Asst. Prof. School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Coordinators: Manoj Raj S, President, Mushabeer, Vice President, Maneesha, Secretary, Shashank, Treasurer.

About The Event: This event was an outdoor event where we visited a village named 'Shettygerehalli' which is adopted by REVA University. There we visited Government School. When we initially arrived at the schools, the first thing that we noticed was the resourcefulness. Making do with what you have is a concept that has grown increasingly, where shortage of resources is rarely felt. The uniforms and book bags each student was equipped with, provided by the state government. Regardless of the poverty they encountered at home, every young student was clad in an uniform.

Despite this scarcity, these students thrive when given the opportunity. The bright (and adorable) students in the primary schools of Shettygerehalli share an enthusiasm for learning and a competitive spirit that shined through the dimly-lit classrooms when we arrived.

It was a well maintained village with a population of 900. The visit to school was one wonderful experience. By going there we got to know how exactly a government school runs. The school environment was very much favorable for the children. The children there were very interactive and we had a good experience by interacting with them. The students there were very enthusiastic to learn new things and to show their talents. On the whole it was an amazing event.

This visit to Shettygerehalli showed us a side of life we could never have imagined. They made us thankful for our plentiful life in the Bengaluru and optimistic about India’s future. India is a complex country with a variety of cultures and traditions. To lead in tomorrow’s world, it needs something or someone to help it achieve its vast potential – a good education is that something and REVA is that someone planning to help these kids.

Rakshabandhan with Rashrothana Vidya Kendra Students


Held on : 27th August 2018

Venue : REVA University, Bangalore

Organized By: REVA University

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most endearing ways to celebrate bond between brothers and sisters. To strengthen this bond RAKSHABANDHAN was celebrated in the premises of REVA University. Students of Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra visited our campus and tied Rakhi to students of Engineering.

Students enthusiastically participated in this event. In all, it was a successful attempt to make the celebration eventful by spreading the social message.

The heartwarming Raksha Bandhan program ended with group photographs of all students with the students of Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra.

Flood Relief Campaign on 21st August 2018

Organised By: REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held on : 21st August 2018

“REVA is a service to society”

Branch Councellor:Prof, Prathiba V Hegde, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club prof, School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Co-ordinators:Manoj Raj S, School of ECE, REVA Uniersity. Mushabeer, School of ECE, REVA University. Maneesha, School of ECE, REVA University

Total No of volunteers: 20

This campaign was mainly focused on collecting the necessary requirements for the floor affected people in coorg and vkerala. Cotton boxes were placed all over the campus so that the people who wanted to help can drop the needed things. The response was very good and hand full of things were sent to the floor relief camps in coorg and kerala through the college organization

Outreach Activity on 2nd August 2018 Spreading Joy through Book Donation

Held On: 2nd Aug 2018

Description of the event:

Through the successful book collection campaign –spreading joy through book donation, we were able to collect over 130 books and reputed journals. Thanks to the ever-enduring generosity of people around the globe like Mr. Nori Venkateswarlu, former Chief Engineer Air and Doordarshan, who kindly donated technical books, as well as reputed journals like IETE and IET London, BES New Delhi and so on and helped us to create rich collection in our library for researchers.

Voting Awareness Campaign

Held On: 11th April 2018

Description of the event:

It gives us immense pleasure to inform that School of ECE under FORCE organized “VOTING AWARENESS CAMPAIGN “ on 11th April 2018 in REVA University Campus. Event mainly focused on encouraging youths to vote and build a responsive government .Also, make the people aware about “MINCHINA NONDANI” in the view of upcoming Karnataka State Assembly Election on 12th May 2018. This event was flagged off by Dr. R.C Biradar ,Director ,School of ECE . FORCE student coordinators along with faculties have taken active participation and made this event a grand success. This rally has marched from the REVA University Main Gate upto Administration block with many posters and slogans.

In this regard we would like to thank our beloved Chancellor Sir Dr. P. Shyama Raju for providing all facility and support to conduct such programs .We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S Y Kulkarni Sir, Registrar Dr. M Dhanamjaya Sir ,Dr. N. Ramesh Sir, Dean, Training, Placement and Planning and Dr. Rajshekar C.Biradar Sir Director School of ECE, and whole FORCE team for their support to organize this event.


Held On: 16th March 2018

Description of the event:

Inner stillness is the key to, outer strength Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ----- Carl Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.)

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us ---- Henry David Thoreau (An American essayist, poet, philosopher, abolitionist, naturalist, tax resister, development critic, surveyor, and historian.) Keeping these thoughts in mind Heartfulness session was started. Delegates from Heartfulness foundation visited REVA University on 16th March 2018 to raise awareness on living by the heart a simple approach to Sahaj Marg System. The session was conducted by the Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation, or SMSF supported Heartfulness Institute’s specialized trainer Mr. Prabhakar Ravoori and Heartfulness team.

This session started with introduction to why we need to sync heart and mind, for better living. This course on meditation started with a simple and easy relaxation technique. There were guided meditation sessions for participants to experience yogic transmission. The session was conducted for 80min.s consisting of:

  • Introductions (30 mins)
  • Meditation on our own (10 mins)
  • Relaxation Technique (10 mins)
  • Meditation with guidance (30 mins)

Heartfulness is based on the foundation of “Science of Spirituality and scientific references to the benefits of meditation is the fundamental pillar of the technique,” said Mr. Ravoori. He spoke about how meditation as a process can help lead the individual to be more aware and accepting of the self and the surrounding. This session was conducted mainly to help students to learn about our consciousness to learn about ourselves and to feel one with nature and develop intuitive understanding, which in turn will heal and transform them. This exercise of integrating the heart and mind is done through meditation on the heart. Heartfulness meditation brings long-lasting change in behavior and attitudes in students.
All the students, faculty and staff members participated voluntarily in the session.

Report on Community Outreach Program conducted by School of ECE

Held On : 12th January 2018

Description of the event:

The program was carried out with the help of 40 students from 2nd and 3rd Year accompanied by four faculty members Dr.Manjula R B, Prof. Ravi Shankar D, Prof. Deepthi Murthy T S and Prof. Nitya S from the school. The objective of this event was to create healthy social awareness, deliberations on Swamy Vivekananda’s thoughts and skills with the bright young minds.

This one day program was very fruitful in terms of sharing the knowledge to the high school children of 9thstandard Government high school, Thanisandra, Bangalore. The student teams and teachers were happy with the initiation taken by School of ECE, REVA University and congratulated REVA team for working on the social cause and creating awareness for future generation even in these busy days. They requested the REVA team to conduct such activities in future also to enhance the confidence of young minds. Our student volunteers were also motivated and atmost happy for sharing the knowledge. Volunteers/Mentors enhanced their presentation skills and confidence level.

Our sincere thanks to the Thanisandra, Government High School Head Madam Mrs. Renuka and all the teachers for their cooperation.

We would like to thank our beloved Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju Sir for providing all facility and support to conduct such programs. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni Sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya Sir, Dean, Placement, Training and Planning Dr. N. Ramesh Sir. We also thank our Director School of ECE Dr. Rajashekar C Biradar Sir, and Deputy Director School of ECE Dr. Bharathi Madam for motivating to conduct such a useful program. We also thank all the faculties and technical staffs of School of ECE and Mr. G. Lakshmanan Sir for necessary support.

Heartfulness: Living by the Heart

Held On :08th December 2017

Venue : C.N.R. Rao Seminar Hall

Organized By : Community Service Committee, School of ECE in association with Heartfulness Foundation

Description of the event:

The Community Service, School of ECE, organized a HEARTFULNESS: Living by the HEART, session on Journey of An Excellence and Wellness Initiative for faculties of REVA University on 8th of Dec-2017.

100+ faculties from REVA University participated in the event. The event was a huge success with the support of all the members of the REVA family and Heartfulness Foundation team.

On behalf of School of ECE, we express our sincere thanks to Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju, for having provided all facilities and support.

We also thank Vice Chancellor, Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Registrar, Dr. M. Dhanamjaya, for their continuous guidance and support.

Heartfelt thanks to Director, School of ECE, Dr. R.C. Biradar, for his encouragement and support.

We also extend our thanks to the Heartfulness coordinators and all the staff who have helped in making this event a grand success.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” (stem) playful learning lab program

Held On :15th September 2017

Venue : Sree Saraswathi Vidyanikethan School, Shettyhalli, Bengaluru

Report of the Event:

Electrical circuits are the foundation of our modern, technology-driven lives. Everything from simple light bulbs to complex devices like the iPhone depends on electrical circuits in order to function. The basic structure of each of these devices is the same: there is a power source, which is connected to some wires, which are connected to a device that uses the power to do something useful (like lighting up a room, or displaying a Facebook message from your friend).

The STEM Program is an initiative that refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is basically for school children to improve competitiveness in science and technology development. And also to make an awareness about the technological facts.

On behalf of Engineers Day, the STEM program was initiated. The Program commenced at 10:00am with the welcome speech. Dr. R Venkata Siva Reddy , Professor, School of ECE, introduced the School Forum FORCE to the gathering and also he highlighted the importance of science and technology for the school children.

Prof. Anilkumar V, faculty and few students from 3rd semester namely Amulya, Angulakshmi, Sai Sudeshna and Anusha, from School of ECE has volunteered for the event. They helped the school children to build some samples to make them understand the concept of current conduction i.e open and closed circuit, series and parallel connections.

Ms. Sunitha Suresh, Chairman, Sree Saraswathi Vidyanikethan School, appreciated about the program. Nearly 50 students actively participate in this program. They were very happy to learn such thing in a playful manner which is harmless to them. All the staff from the school supported us in conducting the event. The chairman assured they will continue this program for the children to make them get aware and competitive for the upcoming future technologies.

The program was for duration of 3 hours.

Rally For Rivers

Organized by : REVA University

Held On : 01-09-2017

About The Event:

Delegates from the Isha Foundation visited REVA University on 1st September 2017 to raise awareness for “Rally For Rivers” initiative, which is a nationwide awareness campaign addressing the depleting conditions of our rivers. For which, Sadhguru himself will drive from Kanyakumari to Himalayas covering 16 states to create awareness. The guests addressed the attendees of ‘Freshers' Day’ and ‘Ethnic Day’ event at the Open Air Theatre. Here a few glimpses of the event.