Orientation Program of REVA Rotaract Club - REVA University
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Orientation Program of REVA Rotaract Club

A Visit to an Orphanage: A Call to You to Do Something – Anything

Date : 05th April, 2019

Organized By : School of ECE and REVA Rotaract Club

Venue :Sumangali Seva Ashram and Adarane Charitable Trust

No. of Students: 25 students

On Friday, 5th April 2019, we from School of ECE and REVA Rotaract Club along with 25 students visited an orphanage “Sumangali Seva Ashram” situated near Hebbal and “Adarane Charitable Trust” situated near Hegde Nagar, Yelahanka.

Sumangali Seva Ashram and Adarane Charitable Trust are Non-Voluntary organization dedicated to the facilitate services for Down trodden deserted women, Orphan children and economically weaker people in the society.

The rice grains which were collected during the “AIKAKARMYA” event was distributed to both the above organizations.

As the gate of the home opened, we were greeted with smiling faces of children, they all eagerly looked to see who had come into our abode. As we proceeded to the reception to drop the items we went with and to get any information or rules we need to know and adhere to while we are there. After the permission to play and interact with the kids were granted, we gathered around the kids, asked for their names and introduced ourselves. We spent around 1-2 hrs with these kids.

The Joy that radiated from the kids touched us deep down, we saw how much of a home they had, filled with lots of sisters. They were eager to play games, to answer questions, they all wanted to be carried and played with -given special attention. They all were kids full of smiles, without a care in the world. Eager to play and even to pray. They indeed sang a devotional song which was heart touching. As we left the Ashram, a thousand thoughts played and fought for preeminence in our head, a thousand words wanted to burst out of our mouth in expression of our feelings, but yet, nothing came out. Yes! We were overwhelmed.

This was our first visit ever to an orphanage home and it has left a lasting imprint in our heart.

Here are some of the glimpses into our visit,

Thanks to Management, all the faculties and students of REVA for lending their support to us.

Rotaract / Outreach Activity Report on “AIKAKARMYA”

Date : 6th and 7th March, 2019

Organized By : School of ECE, REVA University

Venue : C V Raman Block, REVA University

The School of ECE in association with "REVA Rotaract Club", had organized an event“AIKAKARMYA” on 6th and 7th March, 2019 at C V Raman block.

Aikakarmya- unity of action was a 2 days event. Main aim was to collect rice grains to donate to the needy.

Day 1: T-shirts were launched by our director Dr. RajshekarBiradar sir. Cultural and fun events were conducted to the students across the university, Funds were raised to the club by conducting following events

Cultural events: singing, poetry writing, painting, dance, tiktok.

Fun events: spinning the top, hit away, throwing ring, arm wrestling, catapult, beg borrow steal, marketing.

Day 2: 400kg of rice grains were collected.

Guests from Yelahanka Rotary club.Rtr.Arun Bhangra, Rtr. C V Ramananand Rtr. Manjunath were invited. Dr. S SManvi and Dr. RajshekarBiradar sir has graced the occasion. At 10 AMformal function was inaugurated at CNR Rao seminar hall by lightning the lamp. Rotarians gave the awareness of Rotaract club. Winners of the cultural events were given the prize.

Total 90 students participated in the event

The rice grains collected will be distributed to the orphanage centers shortly.


“Filling Passport Application through Online”

Date : 14thFebraury 2019

Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Venue: G7 Lab, Swami Vivekananda Block , REVA University, Bengaluru

Organized By : REVA Rotaract Club along with Community Service Committee, School of ECE, REVA University

Branch Councellor : Prof. Deepthi Murthy, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club,Asst. prof, School of ECE, REVA University.
Prof. Anil Kumar, Asst. Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club, Asst. prof, School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Co-ordinators: Mushabeer, President.
YashwanthSimha, Secretary

No. of Participants: Faculty: 1
Rotaract board members: 10
Rotaract members: 40

Attended by:
Students of School of Architecture- 79
Faculty members of the School of Architecture: 6

A passport is a travel document which is in the booklet form with 36 or 60 page. There are three types of passport in India i.e. Normal/Regular passport, diplomatic passport and Official passport.

Regular passport is issued for a common man in India which is dark blue in color with Indian Ashoka emblem placed at the centre of the front cover.

Uses of Passport

  • Visa is a granted and stamped in the passport booklet to stay in a foreign country for a period of time.
  • International travel details of the passport holder can be found in their passport.
  • Passport is considered to be the identification of citizenship of the passport holder.
  • Passport can also be used as a residence or identity proof.

The session was given by Mr. YashwanthSimha, Secretary, REVARotaract Club and supported be student club members.

Around 40 students from the School of different schools attended the session and successfully filled the application.

The Session focused on following key points:

  • The students were guided and instructed regarding how to apply passport through online.
  • The students were informed about the payment mode and slot selection for document verification and to carry it further.

“Cancer Awareness Program at Shettigerehalli”

Date : 4th Febraury 2019

Time : 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue : Shettigere halli, Doddajala, Bangalore district, Karnataka.“

Organised By : School of ECE

Faculty : 1

Rotaract board members: 10

Rotaract members: 20


  • Spreading awareness about cancer throughout the village.
  • Pamphlets were distributed to all the residents of the village, creating awareness among them about the free treatment been provided in the Government Hospital in Yelahanka from 4th of February to 8th February.
  • Awareness was created about the different types of cancer.
  • Interacted with people and asked them about their problems.
  • A rally was held throughout the village with slogan “Fighting cancer on every step of the way”

Some Photos taken during the visit

Motivational talk by Rotarian C.V Ramanan

Date : 25th January 2019

The School of ECE in association with "REVA Rotaract Club", had organized talk on “motivating and inspiring the students about how to be happy in life” on 25th January 2019 between 10:00 AM to 11:40 AM in Aryabhatta Seminar hall, C V Raman Block.

Mr. C.V Ramanan is Founder CEO of Ladder Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. Vaidyanathan Ramanan is a seasoned professional known for his multi-skills and multi-functional expertise. Ramanan has over two decades of global professional experience. A graduate in Mathematics and a professional in cost accounting, Ramanan is adept in Computer programming and application skills. Ramanan commenced his career with Metal Box India Ltd and had been a Key Manager in Organizations like Ashok Leyland Ltd, Comcraft Group of Companies, Mascon Global Ltd and neoIT before commencing his entrepreneurial journey by promoting Ladder Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd towards the last quarter of 2004. He is a Zonal Coordinator for 20 clubs – July,2018 to June,2019, Rotary International – Bangalore Dist.3190. He is still in love with teaching, and has delivered lectures in many training programs. Around 120 students from the School of ECE attended the Motivational Talk.

The Talk focused on following key points:

  • The key to happiness is only to give without expecting to get. The example given was nature.
  • The formula to attain sustainable success was explained.
  • Briefed the actual importance of engineering.
  • Thought us how to analyse the time in our everyday life spent to whatever we have done in the day.
  • Explained about the importance of the Rotarians and rotractors in the society.
  • The theme of their district for this year is miracle makers.He gave his own experience in the Rotary and their project where they have helped 335 children for free heart surgeries which went to the next level of helping more 665 children to get free heart surgeries.

On occasion of Children’s Day - Visit to Deaf Blindness School – Mathru

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 14th November 2018

“Whenever you fall down, you have two options: To get up and fight back or to run away.” What if this fall meant lifetime suffering and a drift from the normalcy of life?! Dizen with luxuries we forget the gifts God has endowed upon us. This brief visit to the Mathru School for free residential school for hearing impaired and multisensory disabled children made a digging impact into our hearts and brains. Most of us would perhaps lose all hope and adapt to the darks of our lives instead if, God forbid, we are physically impaired in any sense. What if you were born with it or else faced it at an early age?? These children answer the question and push the shadows away with confidence, perseverance and enlightenment. Two of the students of the Deaf and Dumb School are even earning monthly by preparing different paper bags. Your adorned masks cannot fake these clever little fellows. The children at this school seemed to be able to see more than us. Their sixth sense and positive attitude toward life make one wince. We, Rotaractors, interacted with the children and had great fun. We heard their melodious voices stringing the pearls of words into our ears and even distributed chocolates as part of “Children’s Day Celebration”. Adorned by their trees the sky brought together strangers and entangled them into a lifelong friendship. Parting these new friends was hard. Everyone looked up one last time with a broad smile and the hearts saluting the enthusiasm of the young ones while moving down the dusty rocky path edged with beautiful garden. The amazing part is that none of us pity these children. Instead, we feel proud of them and pity ourselves to be lacking the kind of vividness. We were honored to be a part of their lives although (to our dismay) just for a few hours…….

Visited to Yelahanka Government Model School

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 13th November 2018

Total No of participants : 50

It is well said that “Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner “

The Reva Rotaract club and Community Service Committee, School of ECE, with the collaboration of STEM had organized a activity where a team of 12 students from School of ECE and School of C&IT visited the Yelahanka Government Model School.

Here, we interacted with the students of the school and also illustrated them some of the science experiments. Some of the experiments are elevator, generator, displacement, force and friction, periscope etc. We had great fun time interacting with the students and spending some quality time with those kids. We also collected the feedback from those students and we have received a positive feedback from all the kids.

It has been a wonderful experience, interacting with the students, learning and also teaching them how some basic things we see and feel daily has some science hidden behind it. Every Retractor was able to explore their teaching talents and also that no matter how old we grow there is always a kid within us wanting to enjoy. As per the agenda we did our best in making the kids understand science with the help of experiments.

Like our beloved Jawaharlal Nehru has quoted “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. Only through right education can a better order of society be buildup"

We the Retractors of REVA University shall try best to conduct few more similar activities and try giving the best to all the children.

Installation of ROTARACT CLUB

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 31st Oct 2018

Installation of ROTARACT CLUB in REVA UNIVERSITY was done on 31st of October 2018. The programs flow was as follows:
1 REVA Anthem
2 Welcomed the gathering.
3 Invocation song
4 Welcomed the dignitaries to the dais.
5 Lamp lighting
6 Installation of the incoming president by YSD.
7 Acceptance speech by the president and installation of members.
8 Induction of new members by DRR.
9 Launch of LOGO of REVA ROTARACT.
10 Speech by the dignitaries
    • IPDRR
    • Rotary President
    • Chief Guest
12 Incoming secretary announcements.
13 Vote of thanks by secretary.
14 Meeting adjourned by the new president.

The installation ceremony of Rotaract club of REVA University, sponsored by Rotary Yelahanka was organized on 31st October 2018 in the institute seminar hall.

Chief guest Rtn. Rajashree, YSD, Rotary Yelahanka, in her address briefly explained the importance of Rotaract movement, and congratulated the new office bearers and members.

Prof. Dr. Bharathi S H, School of ECE, with hes encouraging words, asked the student members of the Rotatract club to work hard and march towards becoming one of the best Rotaract clubs of the district.The event witnessed the presence of Rtr. Naveen Senna, Rotaract Faculty coordinators Prof. Pratibha V Hegde and Prof. Aryelakhmi B N.

Thereby, we were successful in installing ROTARACT CLUB in REVA UNIVERSITY with co-ordination of student members and faculty coordinator of REVA ROTARACT.

Visit to Shettygerehalli

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : 6th Sep 2018

Total No of Volunteers : 10

Branch Counselor:
Prof. Pratibha V Hegde, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club, Asst. Prof. School of ECE, REVA University.
Prof. Aryalaxmi, Community Service Coordinator, Asst. Prof. School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Coordinators: Manoj Raj S, President, Mushabeer, Vice President, Maneesha, Secretary, Shashank, Treasurer.

About The Event: This event was an outdoor event where we visited a village named 'Shettygerehalli' which is adopted by REVA University. There we visited Government School. When we initially arrived at the schools, the first thing that we noticed was the resourcefulness. Making do with what you have is a concept that has grown increasingly, where shortage of resources is rarely felt. The uniforms and book bags each student was equipped with, provided by the state government. Regardless of the poverty they encountered at home, every young student was clad in an uniform.

Despite this scarcity, these students thrive when given the opportunity. The bright (and adorable) students in the primary schools of Shettygerehalli share an enthusiasm for learning and a competitive spirit that shined through the dimly-lit classrooms when we arrived.

It was a well maintained village with a population of 900. The visit to school was one wonderful experience. By going there we got to know how exactly a government school runs. The school environment was very much favorable for the children. The children there were very interactive and we had a good experience by interacting with them. The students there were very enthusiastic to learn new things and to show their talents. On the whole it was an amazing event.

This visit to Shettygerehalli showed us a side of life we could never have imagined. They made us thankful for our plentiful life in the Bengaluru and optimistic about India’s future. India is a complex country with a variety of cultures and traditions. To lead in tomorrow’s world, it needs something or someone to help it achieve its vast potential – a good education is that something and REVA is that someone planning to help these kids.

Flood Relief Campaign

Organized by : REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University

Held On : On 21th August 2018

Total No of Volunteers : 20

Branch Councellor: Prof, Prathiba V Hegde, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club prof, School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Co-ordinators: Manoj Raj S, School of ECE, REVA Uniersity. Mushabeer, School of ECE, REVA University. Maneesha, School of ECE, REVA University

“REVA is a service to society”

About The Event:
This campaign was mainly focused on collecting the necessary requirements for the floor affected people in coorg and vkerala. Cotton boxes were placed all over the campus so that the people who wanted to help can drop the needed things. The response was very good and hand full of things were sent to the floor relief camps in coorg and kerala through the college organization

REVA Rotaract Club on August 2018

Organized by : SCHOOL OF ECE, REVA University

Held On : On 6th August 2018

Total No. of Participants : 30

Branch Councellor: Prof, Pratibha V Hegde, Branch Counsellor, REVA Rotaract Club Prof. School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Co-ordinators :
Manoj Raj S, President, REVA Rotaract Club, School of ECE, REVA Uniersity.
Mushabeer, Vice President, REVA Rotaract Club, School of ECE, REVA University.
Maneesha, Secretary, REVA Rotaract Club,School of ECE, REVA University

About The Event:
This meeting mainly focused on the discussion about future events of REVA Rotaract Club and also methods of Publicizing the Club.

Topics discussed:
• Publicizing the club.
• Planting plantlets as an initiation of the club.
• Visiting villages and educating people and creating awareness.
• Discussion about upcoming events of REVA Rotaract.
• Discussion about installation event.

REVA Rotaract Club on April 2018

Organized by : SCHOOL OF ECE, REVA University

Held On : 20th April 2018

Total No. of Participants : 150

Main Co-ordinator : Prof, Pratibha V Hegde, Counsellor, REVA ROTARACT CLUB & Asst. Prof, School of ECE, REVA University.

Student Co-ordinators :
Manoj Raj S, School of ECE, REVA University
Mushabeer, School of ECE, REVA University

About The Event:

This was an orientation program of REVA ROTARACT CLUB, REVA University, which was initiated by our chief guest Rotarian Sarabjeet Singh who introduced us to the new world of Rotary Community and gave us this wonderful opportunity to officially start the club in our university,

The program was witnessed by the Director, School of ECE, Dr. R. C. Biradar and Rotarian Sarabjeet Singh, President Rotary Yelahanka who supported us to bring Rotaract to REVA. More than 150 of students witnessed this program and are eagerly waiting to join REVA ROTARACT CLUB.