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M. Tech. in VLSI and Embedded Systems - REVA University
M. Tech. in VLSI and Embedded Systems (Full Time)

M. Tech. in VLSI and Embedded Systems (Full Time)

Overview of the Program

Electronics and Communication Engineering is an engineering discipline involved design, development, manufacture and deployment of Electronic and Communication systems. It deals with electronic devices, circuits, communication equipment like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC), analog and digital transmission and reception of data, voice and video, microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. Signal and Image processing, Communication Technologies, Embedded Systems, VLSI Systems are some of the specialized areas available in electronics for further study.

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) system design is the process of creating complex integrated circuits by combining million/billion number of transistors into a single chip. This programme aims to prepare the students to design analog and digital integrated circuits using custom and semicustom design flow.

Worldwide, for the past five decades, the semiconductor industry has distinguished itself by the rapid pace of improvement in its products. The improvement of integration level, cost, speed, power, compactness and functionality of the integrated circuits leads to significant improvement in economic productivity and overall quality of life through proliferation of computers, communication, industrial and consumer electronics.

The improvement and complexity of VLSI system can be achieved by revolution of CMOS transistors, miniaturization of transistors, VLSI design methodology, EDA tool support, fabrication support, new design idea and innovative technology which are active research area in VLSI system design.

The ICs/Micro Processor/Micro-Controller/ chips developed and fabricated using VLSI technology become the heart of embedded systems. Embedded systems have become pervasive across various domains such as automotive, industrial and communication systems leading to tremendous growth in the application and innovation of networked and high performance real time embedded systems.

To sustain the growth rate, the organizations involved in VLSI technology and Embedded Systems development are in need of designers, analysts, developers, manufacturing, testing and marketing engineers as well as managers with a postgraduate degree in VLSI design and Embedded System sector.

The School of Electronics and Communication Engineering at REVA UNIVERSITY offers M. Tech., in VLSI and Embedded Systems –a postgraduate programme to create motivated, innovative, creative and thinking graduates to fill the roles of Electronic Engineers who can conceptualize, design, analyze and develop VLSI and Embedded systems to meet the modern day requirements.

The number of product and service based semiconductor industry are growing, thus various career opportunities exist in product development companies including mobile and consumer electronics, computing, telecommunications, networking, data processing, automotive, healthcare and industrial applications.

In this context, The School of Electronics and Communication Engineering at REVA UNIVERSITY would like to add to the growing human resources needs of VLSI and Embedded system sector as engineers through its M. Tech. programme in VLSI and Embedded Systems.

During the programme the theoretical foundation is built through courses like Digital VLSI design, High speed VLSI design, Low power VLSI Design, Analog and mixed mode design, system on chip design. The practice includes skill development in both Front end & Back end designs, verification and testing. The program also offers strong knowledge and practical skills in developing embedded solutions on varied platforms such as FPGA, Advanced microcontrollers and processors. The students learn to implement real time embedded systems. The designers gain practical knowledge through mini and major projects in both VLSI and Embedded system design domains.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The aim of the programme is to produce postgraduates with advanced knowledge and understanding of VLSI and Embedded Systems ; higher order critical, analytical, problem solving and transferable skills; ability to think rigorously and independently to meet higher level expectations of electronics industry, academics, research establishments or take up entrepreneurial route.

The Programme Educational Objectives are to prepare the students to:

  • be VLSI and Embedded System designer who can design, simulate and implement VLSI circuits or embedded systems to meet the defined project objective
  • pursue doctor al research degree to work in colleges, universities as professors or as scientists in research establishments
  • act as administrators in public, private and government organisations or business administrators or entrepreneur with further training and education

Programme Outcomes (POs)

After undergoing this programme, a student will be able to:

  • design and simulate VLSI circuits for the given specifications
  • design and simulate Embedded systems for the given requirements
  • programme various microcontrollers
  • Prototype VLSI circuits on FPGAs
  • use computer aided design and simulation tools for design and optimization of VLSI/Embedded systems
  • build embedded systems
  • assess budget for the project
  • lead a team to ensure that projects are completed satisfactorily, on time, and within budget
  • conform to cultural, environmental, sustainability and ethical issues
  • communicate across teams verbally, visually and by writing and manage the systems
  • choose appropriate online educational programmes for further learning, participate in seminars and conferences

Course Curriculum

First Year

Semester I
Sr. No Course Title
1 Advanced Mathematics
2 CMOS VLSI Design
3 Advanced Embedded System Design
4 Soft Core 1: (Click here)
5 Soft Core 2: (Click here)
Semester II
Sr. No Course Title
1 Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
2 Real Time Operating Systems
3 Soft Core 3: (Click here)
4 Soft Core 4: (Click here)
5 Soft Core 5: (Click here)

Second Year

Semester III
Sr. No Course Title
1 MOOC / Swayam / Edx / Harvard / CM / Internship/Soft skill training
2 Mini Project
3 Sports, Yoga, Music, Dance, Theatre
4 Soft Core 6: (Click here)
5 Automotive Electronics System
Semester IV
Sr. No Course Title
1 Dissertation

Career Opportunities

Students after completing this program have opportunities to work in companies engaged in the field of VLSI chip design. The companies such as Intel, Texas Instruments, , Infineon, TCS, AMD, Alliance semiconductors, Wipro, and many more offer internship and placement opportunities. There are a host of embedded solutions companies offering excellent job opportunities. These include: Tech Mahindra, Robert Bosch, I-micro, Redpine Signal etc.


M. Tech. (Regular) :
  • BE/B Tech in ECE /TE /EEE /CSE /ISE / Instrumentation Technology / Medical Electronics/M Sc in Electronics with a minimum of 50% (45% in case of SC/ST) marks in aggregate of any recognized University/Institution or AMIE or any other qualification recognized as equivalent there to.

Course Duration: 4 Semesters (2 Years)



How to Apply?

Contact for Admissions
Office of Admissions,
REVA University, Rukmini Knowledge Park Kattigenahalli, Yelahanka,
Bangalore – 560 064
Karnataka, India
+91 95388 74444
Application Fee
Course Application Fee
Indian / SAARC Nationals
Foreign Nationals
M. Tech. in VLSI and Embedded Systems (Full Time) 1000 2000 50
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