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Software Development and Consultancy Cell

The SDC Cell is a part of School of C & IT, REVA University. The Development and Consultancy Cell is built with state of the art of computing facilities needed for Development of products and research modules to support academic partners, industry, and government agencies. The Development and consultancy team comprises expertise in various domains of computer science and information technology. The team members have delivered various research modules for different applications in various domains.

The thrust areas in which cell provides consultancy services are listed below:

Image Processing Consultancy Services

  • Object detection and tracking
  • Pattern Recognition and Image Classification
  • Image Enhancement and Display
  • Character Recognition, Bar code recognition
  • Image segmentation

Machine Learning and data analytics services

  • Predictive data, market and consumer analysis
  • Fraud detection analysis
  • Reporting and data management services
  • Text analysis
  • Quantitative and Qualitative solution to marketing and marketing media strategies.
  • Health care solutions
  • Text processing
  • Machine learning and computer vision techniques
  • Website analysis
  • Solutions for market and Sales effectiveness.
  • Machine learning for big data analysis solutions.

High Performance Computing Services

  • Parallel Processing modules for huge data processing
  • Grid computing approaches for developing different modules
  • Computationally less expensive algorithms for huge data processing
  • Computing Applications and Development Support solutions
  • Application Parallelization Services
  • Possibilities in porting/migration of the new/existing jobs or software codes on the parallel computing
  • Performance benchmarking of different jobs of various applications.
  • Fine tuning of the HPC system with various applications

Internet of things Services

  • Smart Home Systems
  • Sensors based applications
  • Advisory Services
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Parking
  • Health Monitoring
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Air pollution monitoring and control.

Computer Networking Services

  • Cyber security
  • Protocols Development
  • Client Server based applications.
  • Cloud services

Development and Consultancy Experts

Faculty Name Designation
 Dr. Sunilkumar S Manvi  Professor & Director
 Dr. Mallikarjun M Kodabagi  Professor & Deputy Director
 Prof. Ashwin Kumar M  Assoc. Prof.& Asst. Director
 Dr. Mallikarjun M Shastry  Professor & Asst. Director
 Dr. Vishwanth R Hulipallad  Professor
 Dr. Udaya Rani  Associate Professor
 Dr. Prabhakar M  Associate Professor
 Prof. Shailaja T  Assistant Professor
 Prof. Surendra Babu K N  Assistant Professor
 Prof. Aruna kumara B  Assistant Professor
 Prof. Gopinath R  Assistant Professor
 Prof. Rathan  Assistant Professor
 Prof. Chaitra B  Assistant Professor
 Prof. Basavaraj Hadimini  Assistant Professor
Dr. Sunilkumar S Manvi
Prof. & Director,
School of C & IT
REVA University,
Rukmini Knowledge Park,
Bengaluru - 560064
+91 89718 68515

Dr. Mallikarjun M Kodabagi
Professor & Deputy Director,
School of C & IT
REVA University,
Rukmini Knowledge Park,
Bengaluru - 560064
+91 98457 81811