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School of Mechanical Engineering Director’s Message

The School of Mechanical Engineering at REVA University, Bengaluru, is a growing department bearing a sole mission to offer the best higher education and modern research in mechanical engineering relevant to society. Our program offers a B. Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering and an M. Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering.

The study in Mechanical Engineering at REVA University covers subject areas like Mechanical Engineering, Management, Finance, Industrial Engineering and Mechatronics. Emphasis is also given to the latest technologies like MEMS, Nano-technology, CAD / CAM / CAE, Robotics, CIM, Rapid Prototyping, Virtual Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Composites etc. The undergraduate program is fully accredited and we intend to teach students both theories and practices of mechanical engineering which is implemented by conducting laboratories along with lectures for many courses through the industry oriented undergraduate curriculum. This leads students to aim at real-world problem- solving skills during learning which enables them to be well prepared for work culture in industry after graduation.

The M. Tech. degree program is flexible to accommodate students with bachelor degrees in mechanical and other closely related engineering majors. Our faculty members strive for research excellence to develop advanced traditional and interdisciplinary programs involving such areas as new products development and production management, advanced finite element analysis, and bio-fuel production techniques. The faculty members with strengths in the aforesaid areas are continuously seeking collaboration opportunities and sponsored projects from industry and state agencies to strengthen research program.

Our major goal is to continuously improving ourselves towards excellence in all aspects of engineering education, research and service to society.

Dr. K S Narayanaswamy

Director, School of Mechanical Engineering