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Diploma in Bharatanatyam
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Diploma in Bharathanatyam:

This course is a 1 year (2 semesters) framed Full Time as well as Part Time Programme that imparts practical and theoretical training in that particular dance form with a syllabus that makes the student ready to face the Art world with of course improved Knowledge to question the technicalities of the Dance form and become aware of it. This intakes students with a qualification minimum of 10+2 and with an intensive training for at least 2 years in their chosen field.

Course Curriculum

Semester I
S.No Subject
01 Brief knowledge of classical dances of India
02 Brief study of Bharatanatyam dance style
03 Origin of Natya (Natyotpatti) according to AbhinayaDarpanam
04 Brief study of Abhinaya and its four aspects
05 Brief study of Anga, Pratyanga and Upanga
06 Knowledge of the technical terms related to dance Swara, Sangeet, Nritta, Nritya, Natya, Laya, Tala, Sam, Matra, Avartana, Adavu, Araimandi, Muzhumandi.
07 Knowledge of the names of AsamyutaHastas and SamyutaHastas
08 Knowledge of the names of Shiro, Greeva and Drishtibheda with Shlokas from AbhinayaDarpanam
09 Brief study of Saptatala and knowledge of AadiTaal, Roopakam and Mishra Chaapu Tala
10 Ability to notate all the Korvais, Jathis, songs and Saralivarisai prescribed in practical syllabus
11 (Practical)Basic exercises in Bharatanatyam combined with hand, feet, eyes and neck movement
12 (Practical)Adavus in three speeds
13 (Practical)Pooja
14 (Practical)Jathiswaram – one
Semester II
S.No Subject
01 Introduction to different Schools and Styles of Kuchipudi dance
02 Brief knowledge of the repertoire of Kuchipudi dance, Kuchipudiaharyam (costume and ornaments), Kuchipudi Music
03 Knowledge of the technical terms related to dance: - Tandava, Lasya, Rasa, Bhava, Sollukattu, Jathi,Korvai, Arudi, Teermanam, Tattakazhi. Sampada, Laya, Avartanam
04 Ability to notate all the Adavus, Jathis, Korvais and songs prescribed in practical syllabus: o Adavus in three speeds
o Alarippu - one
o Jathiswaram - one
o Shabdam - one
o Tillana - one
o Pushpanjali / Kautuvam / Thirupugazh – any one
06 (Practical)Jathiswaram - One
07 (Practical)Shabdam - One
08 (Practical)Pushpanjali / Kautuvam/ Thirupugazh – anyone
09 (Practical)Thillana – One
10 (Practical)Navarasa
11 (Practical)Ability to recite and render all the korvais, jathis, songs &SaptatalaAlankarams prescribes inpractical syllabus

Career Objective

  • To emphasize the essential unity of all true art
  • To work for the recognition of the arts as vital to individual, national, religious and holistic growth.
  • To maintain the highest traditions of art and culture in their pristine purity and in conformity with traditions.
  • To arrange for the training, research, study, teaching and development of art and science, music, dance-drama, fine arts and Bharatanatyam.
  • To impart practical skills in Bharatanatyam as it is manifest today in its traditional form, complemented by appropriate background knowledge and understanding of the art, through a program of training and assessment.
  • To lay a holistic foundation either as an element in a liberal education or as a preparation for vocational training in Bharatanatyam or other dance-based careers, integrating the major aspects of the art form, including the movement vocabulary, the experience of performance and an understanding of the relevant music and literature.
  • To develop an awareness and appreciation of Bharatanatyam in the context of a wider dance world.

Career Opportunities

  • Principal dancer in Dance companies
  • Owning chain of Dance schools.
  • Nattuvanar
  • Choreographer
  • Employed as Dance teacher in International schools.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pre- University/ Higher secondary/10+2 examination or equivalent from Recognized board or council
  • Pass in certificate course in performing arts/fine arts (any discipline) of REVA University

Important Dates

Application Round Opening Date of Application Closing Date of Application
Application Round 11th June 2019 21st June 2019



How to Apply?

Contact for Admissions
Ms Sruthy Chandrasekhar
Office of Admissions,
REVA University, Rukmini Knowledge Park Kattigenahalli, Yelahanka,
Bangalore – 560 064
Karnataka, India
+91-80-6622 6622
+91-98860 62843
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Diploma In Bharathanatyam 1000 2000 50
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