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Students of REVA University pursuing Architecture won the South Zone award and 7th national position at Finale at Kolkata as a part of INSDAG International Airport Design for students. Four 7th semester students - Dheeraj, Yashwant, Vikas and Ranjith selected Sabarimala as their site and after careful contextual reading, they concluded that Sabarimala is associated with pilgrimage, hence, they arrived with the concept of Devotion. To translate the feeling of devotion through the Port, these students worked on Light and Shadows as their strategy and in the end, the architectural translation of devotion came out exceptionally well and bagged the national award.



Campus Planning - Sixth semester Studio

This studio seeks to explore contour planning,climate responsive and environmental aspects for designing a medium sized engineering campus in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. highlighting on the response to ecological factors, vehicular and pedestrian movement and scope for future expansion. As campus life is a unique place for experiencing their journey to adulthood in terms of social interaction from private to public activities. The design ideology were to acquire knowledge on building and space character, spatial organization and circulation, space requirement analysis, material and color analysis, site analysis, and analysis of inner space elements and outer space elements.