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Viraasat Hyper Heritage 

Tales from Karnataka, India

Description: The 5-Day workshop aims to give a glance about the diversity of heritage through,arvelous temple architecture in Southern India. It would establish a comprehensive understanding of evolution of architecture, through the different era under various empir and kingdom throughout the centuries. Further to demonstrate the unity in diverse architecture form, which became the regional identity. The workshop will include exposure to heritage sites and equivalent studio hours. Participants will get a chance to unravel the layers of tangible and intangible heritage architectural styles.

By the end of the workshop, the students will be able to

  • Develop a chronological understanding of Karnataka’s architectural heritage includingstylistic variations and influences.
  • Identify and categorize characteristic features of architecture observed in the region.
  • Perform valuation of heritage property based on tangible and intangible factors
  • Develop analytical inferences for sustainable integration of heritage sites


  • Students will compile a Hyper Heritage Video documentation of their selected heritagesite, group of 3-4 members.
  • Students will prepare a brief proposal document, which include analytical report onheritage value assessment followed by a graphic preamble for future development ofthe identified heritage zone, groups of 3-4 members

Outline of workshop:
Day 0 -  Students arrival and check-in to the guest house, REVA University, Bengaluru

  • Night stay at Guest House, REVA University, Bengaluru

Day 1 - Morning session (Studio - REVA Campus)

  • Welcome and Introductions followed by Ice breaking session
  • Introduction/Presentation on the Aims, and objective of the workshop.
  • Lecture on content of the studies
  • Explanation of the significance and agenda of the workshop with Description on 5 Days itinerary
  • Group formation and tasks award

Afternoon session (Outdoor-Nandi Hills)

  •  Module 1- The Sultan’s city: Guided heritage walk to Fort Bhoga-Nandeeswara temple, Nandi hills and Devanahalli Fort

Transit: Bengaluru to Hampi
Option 1 – Overnight journey starting from Day 1 & check-in to guest house/hotel at Hampi
Option 2 – Early morning journey on Day 2 & check-in to guest house/hotel at Hampi

  • Night stay at REVA University or Transit

Day 2 - Morning session (Outdoor-Hampi)

  • Module 2 - Hampi Royal spaces: Guided tour to Virupaksha temple, Lotus mahal, Elephant stables, Queens bath (Royal centre), Step well and Mahanovmi Dibba

Afternoon session (Studio –Hampi)

  • Studio work under the expert and Historian at common hall, Hampi Hotel
  • Night stay at Hotel, Hampi

Day 3 - Morning (Outdoor-Hampi)

  • Module 3 - Hampi Sacred centre: Guided walk to Vijaya Vitthala Temple, most exquisitely ornate structure representing the temple architecture

Afternoon session (Studio –Hampi)

  • Studio work under the expert and Historian at common hall, Hampi HotelTransit: Hampi to Pattadakkal (evening)3 Hours journey to Pattadakal

Night stay at Hotel, Pattadakkal

Day 4 - Morning session (Outdoor-Pattadakal)

  • Module 4- Pattadakal 7th & 8th century CE: Guided walk to Virupaksha temple,kashaviswanatha temple, Jain temple, Sanghameswara temple, Ganganathatemple etc.

Afternoon session (Studio – Pattadakal)

  • Guided studio work and Group discussion, review work progress

Transit: Pattadakal to Bengaluru
Overnight journey starting from Day 4 & check-in to guest house, REVA University, Bengaluru

Day 5
Morning session (Studio – REVA Campus)

  • Group work at studio. Finalisation of work

Afternoon session (Studio – REVA Campus)

  • Presentations by student groups
  • Award of workshop completion certificates to the participants

Night stay Guest House, REVA University, Bengaluru