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REVA has two active engagements with IQS Barcelona:  Masters in International Marketing in a Digital Environment offered as a 1 year programme for students of the BBA aspiring to progress to their higher studies and also to students of the MBA for their student exchange programme where they can do one semester with IQS.  The second engagement is for the Master in Industrial Business Management where students from different fields such as Engineering studies, Psychology, International Relations, Economics can opt for the following: Complete 30ECTS approx. at IQS SM from February  until mid June (the other 30 ECTS are taken at REVA university) After the competition of the Master in Barcelona students will achieve the official Master approved by the European Union.

Dr Carlos Malet, Director, Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management, IQS Barcelona was at REVA campus on the 21stof January, 2020 to further the partnership with IQS Barcelona.  While at campus Dr Marlos addressed the Management students on on Business Trends: Sustainable development and entrepreneurship.  Apart from this he also spoke to students about the Masters in Industrial Business Management which REVA has initiated which is a programme that is open to students from Engineering, Arts and Humanities and BBA students.