Students from the School of Architecture, REVA University went on a 10 days Educational Tour to Spain. The tour included 5 days exclusive workshop by ETSAB Barcelona followed by next 5 days of site seeing Barcelona and Valencia. Barcelona Step-By-Step, a workshop by Escola Tecnica Superior d Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB) was organized between 15th and 19thJuly 2019. The Workshop was led by Prof. Hofert Karin, supported by teaching assistants Alex Gimenez, Estel Ortega and Judit Taberna. It was an intensive program comprising several courses addressing specific urban and architectural themes. It focus on the varied sections that shape a town. Reading public space and analyzing growing patterns which helped to understand the identity signs of different tissues. By using Barcelona as case study students will be able to apply the obtained knowledge to other places and circumstances. The workshop comprised lectures, field trips, studio works and group discussions. The key feature of the workshop was, both the students and the teachers got an opportunity to work with multinational (Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese) students and teachers.

Student quote: 
"The workshop refreshed the essence of exploring the city by foot. And helped in gaining experience in communicating and working with group mates of a different country."

Dr Moslares, Dean IQS, Barcelona

Dr Moslares, Dean IQS, Barcelona with who REVA has an active engagement was at REVA on the 29th of July, 2019 to discuss various options and plans ahead for the new academic cycle with REVA. While at campus, Dr Moslares addressed the MBA students on Globalization and current Business Trends. It was indeed an enriching experience and learning for students while interacting with Dr Moslares.